Terms & Conditions

1. TNTecxperience program is an initiative of Guidance, Industries Department of Government of Tamil Nadu

2. The program is aimed at increasing the technology adoption among individuals, businesses and startups in Tamil Nadu

3. The freemium / discounted price offerings from the different service providers on TNTecxperience website are based on underlying Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Guidance

4. Guidance is acting as a facilitation agency for the service providers to offer their products / services in the State and does not guarantee the quality of services offered

5. Any issues faced by registered users with individual service providers will have to be taken up through the service provider’s grievance redressal / customer service team

6. Any issues in registration or subscription to services mentioned in the TNTecxperience website can be resolved by Guidance and please write to fintech@investtn.in in this regard

7. The terms and conditions for the services offered by each service provider are captured in the individual service provider web page within TNTecxperience website

8. Guidance reserves the right to share the user details with service providers depending on user subscription to enable availing of subscribed product / service and tracking of progress