About PrimeInvestor Financial Research Private Limited

PrimeInvestor is an unbiased, independent, personal finance research platform. It is a B2C, subscription-based offering providing recommendations, tools, and content across personal finance products and services such as Mutual funds, equities, bonds, deposits, and insurance.

PrimeInvestor empowers customers with simple, meaningful, and actionable investment insights, recommendations, and solutions so that they can confidently build wealth for any need.

PrimeInvestor has a trial membership of its platform that offers most of the premium services including access to all the premium research articles. Typically this valuable trial period is only for 14 days. For TN Tecxperience members, we are offering a much longer 90 day trial period to 1000 users on first-come basis to experience our platform, tool, content, and services. Outside of the trial offerings we have an exhaustive set of recommendations across mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, deposits and more.