About Qapita Fintech India Private Limited

Qapita is the largest equity management software provider in India and South-East Asia. Qapita supports startups manage captables and ESOPs and be funding-ready at all times. Qapita helps companies maintain their ownership records accurately as ‘single source of truth’, share it with their investors and employees, run future scenarios and maintain documents. Qapita is a series-A funded company supported by several marquee institutions and angel investors and has offices across India and Singapore.

Qapita has curated a relevant offering for startups from Tamil Nadu who are looking to seek investment and issue ESOPs to their employees.

The platform has following features:

a) Single source of truth for the cap table – eliminate errors, reduce dependence on external parties

b) Digital Data Repository – Integrated view of ownership documents, fast track due diligence and audit

c) Scenario modelling – model exit/dilution scenarios, compare term sheets, visualize the financial impact of term sheet clauses

d) Stakeholder management – complete control & privacy on data – set access levels for employees/investors, automate reporting to investors

e) End to end ESOP management – design, implement and administer ESOP plans digitally, eliminate paper documents

f) Employee Engagement – communicate the value of ESOP to employees

g) Tax and Accounting – estimate ESOP charge to P&L, tax impact for employees.

Under the TN Tecxperience program, Qapita is offering its solution, QapMap free of cost to early stage startups who have less than 25 stakeholders or have raised less than $1 million (Rs 7.5 Crore).