About M2P Solutions Private Limited

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Chennai, M2P Fintech is Asia’s largest FinTech API company offering a wide gamut of services that enable businesses of any scale to embed financial services. M2P Fintech is an omni-channel platform that operates in over 20 markets across the Asia Pacific, MENA, and Oceania regions. M2P works with over 30 banks and have clocked over 600+ Fintech engagements across a varied set of industries.

M2P Fintech is well-positioned with a secure and highly customizable tech stack that helps businesses launch their products with efficacy and speed at its core. On one end, M2P’s platform allows businesses to quickly create and deploy customized fintech products by customizing all relevant workflows through their plug-and-play solutions.

Under TN Tecxperience program, M2P offers ‘Fintech-in-a-box’ with below platforms free of cost for the first 12 months to all startups enlisted

a) Access to are platforms that help with Card programs (Debit / credit / prepaid)

b) Payment Gateways

c) Buy Now Pay Later

d)Neo banking

e) Open APIs for KYC - eg. customer onboarding

The freemium package includes M2P Fintech’s platform and setup cost at ‘free of cost’ for a period of 12 months and does not include third party costs like cloud, SMS notification, network charges etc. Third party costs would be charged by the service providers on actuals.